Keepers, the Children of Anubis. (Basic Concepts)

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Keepers, the Children of Anubis. (Basic Concepts) Empty Keepers, the Children of Anubis. (Basic Concepts)

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The Keepers are magickally aware creatures, deeply connected to Kemet (Ancient Egypt). They have a strong bond with the Asetians, who they vigorously protect, magically and physically. This protecting task was appointed by their Father, Anubis, who learned his magick from Aset Herself and dedicated to the protection of Her sacred Children.
The Asetian Bible classifies the Keepers as otherkin, in other words, ancient beings without a human soul. Most are by the side of Asetians since the times of the Sep Tepy, the primordial age of the Egyptian society, predating Dynastic Egypt. This ancient connection with the Asetian culture made the Keepers far more important in the Aset Ka's structure than merely as protectors of the Asetian Empire, but developed into close and intimate friends of the Asetians, in many cases ending up being considered a part of the Asetian family itself.

While their awakening can refer to the discovery of their energy
and psychic abilities, the true awakening to a Keeper is when he finally
understands his importance and path along the Asetian tradition.

- Asetian Bible

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