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Post by graffiti36 31.07.09 18:40

Some days
ago while searching for vampire legends I found an organization, Aset Ka.

Today ,
while researching again and hoping I
could find something new about vampires, I found this site talking about Aset ka.

So I have decided to ask some questions hoping
someone will actually answer them

I don’t
mean to be rude or disrespectful but I would like to know how someone could
join Aset Ka or the steps you must take
to join it. Not that I want to join it… Its just that I live in Oporto and
thought anything special happened here but when I read this I actually was
fascinated how a country like mine could have a “secret” society. Another
reason why I don’t want to join is that I see vampirisim ( at least the
vampirism Aset ka believes to represent) is more of a curse than a gift. Im not
as informed as many of you ( this week I lack that time ) but of what I read
the aset ka´s vampirism is centered in the need to feed , the lack of energy
and somehow immortality. Though to some people this may seem amazing for me the
lack of energy just means having to depend in something more to survive. And
well, immortality , for many reasons, is more of a curse than a gift.

The other
question is about a symbol I have seen somewhere. This is the symbol:
2 questions Symbol

I don’t
know if I has any meaning and I probably doesn’t but if it has I would really
like to know what is the meaning ( I have read that luis marques- not sure if
this is the right name- is a specialist in symbolism so anyone who believes in
asset ka should also know some basic symbolism)

As I said I
don’t mean to offend anyone and if my language seems offensive please have in
mind that English is not my native language and even though I prefer and always
was better in English classes than Portuguese I still lack the kind of language
I have seen in other topics

Thank you


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Post by Hellen 01.08.09 11:09

Hello graffiti36 ,
i think the image you've got about Aset Ka as "centered in the need to feed , the lack of energy
and somehow immortality" is wrong but I think this forum is a good place to start , and take first steps to real Aset Ka spirituality which first have to be grasped and assimilated before you aspire for other doors to be opened .
So take your time to follow and join the threads in the forum and you hopefully get a glance into something deeper and much higher than what you understood untill now which is normal since you've found this place just today .
The understanding of vampires as depending on feeding and lack of energy , that is nothing more than the common understanding of vampires in our days, which proves not able to perceive beyond the veils into the real nature of true vampires , that which remains a mistery for many.
Don't worry about your english since there are users here coming from the four corners of the world ,and many who are not native speakers . If you wish to tell us more about you please do introduce yourself in the off topic section.Also there you will find a topic opened by Laiko Su Katara asking about a similar symbol .

Welcome to the forum ,


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