Sanguinarius-Effects of Extended Non-Feeding

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Sanguinarius-Effects of Extended Non-Feeding Empty Sanguinarius-Effects of Extended Non-Feeding

Post by Rose 18.08.09 19:33

The effects of extended non-feeding

Sanguinarians / blood vampires are invited to discuss, but everyone is welcome to attend.

Tuesday, August 25th
4:00 pm Pacific
5:00 pm Mountain (4:00 pm Arizona)
6:00 pm Central
7:00 pm Eastern
11:00 pm GMT

What and Why:
will be over possible effects of extended non-feeding, to examine what
parallels may be present in sang vampires who have not fed for extended
periods of time. Some questions to consider: 1.) How long have you gone
without feeding? 2.) What changes, discomforts and ailments,
increased/decreased sensitivities, abilities, etc. have you experienced
since you have not been feeding? 3.) For those who have gone a year or
years, have these gotten worse or better over time? 4.) Other
considerations or topics you'd like to discuss?

Where and How:
discussion will be held in #Sanguinarius, a channel (IRC chat room) on
dalnet. If you are not familiar with IRC, go to the #Sanguinarius home
page at
-- we have a web-based chat applet you can use to connect. We also have
instructions to download and set up an excellent IRC client called
mIRC. Or you can go to to get it.

More Info:
will be moderated, so please stick to the topic or question currently
being discussed, and keep extraneous chatter to a minimum. This will be
logged as a public chat, and the log may be distributed and re-posted
so that others may avail themselves of the knowledge and discussion
shared therein.

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Sanguinarius-Effects of Extended Non-Feeding Empty Re: Sanguinarius-Effects of Extended Non-Feeding

Post by Jonathan 18.08.09 19:44

I believe many Asetianists are familiar with IRC, however Dalnet is not their main point of gathering, but a far more secretive network that a few in here have managed to locate. Twisted Evil

Oh and how many out there wish to find this hidden place. study

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