Serpent, the Lineage of Viperines. (Basic Concepts)

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Serpent, the Lineage of Viperines. (Basic Concepts) Empty Serpent, the Lineage of Viperines. (Basic Concepts)

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Viperines are the most predatory and energy-sensitive Asetians, also known as the Bloodline of Horus, because Horus was the Primordial of their kin. From all the Asetians, they are the ones with a most intimate connection with energy, the subtle and with highly evolved metaphysical abilities. However, this weak connection with mundane and earthly planes results in the most physically fragile of the three lineages. Owners of dangerously powerful manipulative abilities, the Serpents are commonly one of the most feared beings among immortals. But despite their aggressive nature, they are honorable leaders and guides, being the ones that Asetian family commonly relies on for intuition and insight.
Known for their ancient positions as Pharaohs in Egypt, they are many times thought of as direct leaders of the Asetians, however the Aset Ka Higher Magisterium belongs to the Primordials, the three divine Children of Aset, initiated and created directly by Her Highness and ultimately Her chosen representatives on Earth.

In terms of Vampirism, they have the highest energy metabolism within the Asetian bloodline, representing the ones that show a greatest need of Ka. Because of this, they are more commonly dependant from intense vital force draining, wether in the form of deep energy drains, sexual magick or blood feeding.

The Lineage of Viperines is known as the Serpent, representing
the most predatory of all immortal bloodlines, a symbol of advanced
metaphysical senses, capable of delivering unsuspected lethal attacks, being
the perfect archetype of eternal rebirth and transformation.

- Asetian Bible

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