Scarab, the Lineage of Concubines. (Basic Concepts)

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Scarab, the Lineage of Concubines. (Basic Concepts) Empty Scarab, the Lineage of Concubines. (Basic Concepts)

Post by Arak Urne 02.06.08 17:55

The Lineage of Concubines is the most chaotic from the three Lineages. Being so related to the concept of transformation and change (kheperu), they are likely to self-dissolve in their surroundings. Therefore, they have the inconvenient of having a weak personality, getting along with diverse opinions, sometimes incoherent, and being slightly vulnerable to manipulation. Due to this fact, they need to be accompanied by the right person, or they might loose themselves. When they are stable, due to their natural cycling (resulting in advanced sociability) they can have a great manipulative power on people and the "atmosphere" of a certain place. They also have a very energetic subtle body, which makes them great donors.

Although the Concubines seem to be the most instable, chaotic and less powerful of the three Lineages, all of these are equally important, and both descend directly from Her essence. Their power and stability depends on their accompaniment, self-development and nature.

The Lineage of Concubines is known as the Scarab, a symbol of their highly transformative and adapting nature, along with their characteristically intense cycling and ability to share energy with a great ease.
- Asetian Bible

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