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Weird dream Empty Weird dream

Post by Vertigo 28.10.09 0:18

I rarely remember my dreams and when I do I tend to find the message.

This dream is somewhat harder to understand but I have a theory I will present at the end of this post.

I barely remember the start of it, but ill do my best to tell as far back as I can remember.

There was this young girl that had made something good for the world, dont remember what.

Someone sent her something, a monster which can be described as the tail of an xenomorph from the alien movies with a mouth where the tail and body connects.

The monster attacked the girl at her home as she was eating icecream.

Despite of being afraid she killed the monster by violently smash it at the floor (she were very strong).

The monster started to dissolve and resulted in something that could be described as an blackhole eating away the floor.

The blackhole severed her from the door and she was very afraid.

Crying she went to the fridge and made milkshake from milk and strawberry icecream (I dream in colors and remember the icecream was pink) to calm herself.

Smiling she joined the rubble and was consumed by darkness.

I woke up and were very sad because of the end of this dream.

Time for theory!

Ok, this is what I can make out.

I see myself as three aspects (and one fake).

The first aspect is the aspect of the light.
This is the part of me which is sensitive and angelic.

Its always pictured as a female aspect.

The second aspect is the aspect of darkness.
This is the part of me which is logical and rational.

Its genderless but tend to be pictured as a male.

The third aspect of me is the aspect of lust.
This is the part of me which is driven by lust and instincts.
If I would ever get into a physical fight with anyone I would become this aspect and use my instincts.

"Lust" is not just sexual, but doing whatever I feel for whenever I feel for it.

This aspect is genderless and tend to be described as a beast of some sort but even as an flamboyant male.


I believe the dream was some form of warning of my light aspect getting attacked by the beast.

Being the currently dominant aspect it had no hard time wrestle down the predatory parts of my soul.

Iam sure the blackhole was the dark aspect of me since the aspect of darkness have had an hold of my heart for a long time.

But there are still things thats missing that need some thought.

Your theories?

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Weird dream Empty Re: Weird dream

Post by Daniel09 28.10.09 1:51

Well, I suppose I should go with my intuition, which I assume is the first thought that comes to mind. What came up was the idea that when the monster (seemingly demonic force) tries to attack, do not try to defeat it, but accept it as a part of who you are. Destroying a piece of yourself will ultimately tear you apart.

That's all that I can think of to respond.

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Weird dream Empty Re: Weird dream

Post by Kahina 28.10.09 22:25

First, thank you for the share. Smile

Well, I don't know if I can give a theory for your dream.
Interpreting dreams of another person involves knowing a lot.
The mind is very complex.
And dreams can have connections with each other, can be release of fears and desires, can be imagination working... can be many things.
Isn't nothing better than your own interpretation.

But let me tell you that your dream was interesting. He have a lot of symbolic elements.

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Weird dream Empty Re: Weird dream

Post by Azrael 07.12.09 2:17

Very interesting... the only one who can find the meaning of dreams are you... find your truth... others can only speak of their mind...

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Weird dream Empty Re: Weird dream

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