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Advice to female Witches Empty Advice to female Witches

Post by Maxx 12.09.15 10:51

mid 1500s England Witch trails.

Research during that time frame shows the number of witches indicted show the majority were female.  The males numbered only about 20 to 25% of the female number accused.  The indictments showed a total of 336 in all with 206 found guilty, 111 not guilty, Bill not endorsed 16, Unknown 2, and no verdict 1.  For those found guilty 58 were executed.  Another 2 were sentenced to hang but died of plague before being hanged.  3 were sentenced to hang but the sentence changed to life in prison.  Bill not endorsed means the case was dismissed or thrown out.

Did women perform a different type of witchcraft from men?  Did it show the type of power that females had to men?  A chart showing the different type of witchcraft shows that despite a female witch's curses and muttering, she did not practice invocation and sorcery whereby 25% of male indictments were for those two distinct forms of witchcraft.  This comes from the Assize records for the period of the mid 1500s.  

I propose she should have practiced invocation and evocation and sorcery.  Females would have fared much better and not gotten caught as often.  hehe.

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