Can one be awakened to their true vampire nature?

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Can one be awakened to their true vampire nature? - Page 2 Empty Re: Can one be awakened to their true vampire nature?

Post by MR84 09.09.18 19:09

MysticLightShinethForth wrote:One ability you might enjoy exploring, MR84, would be bat hearing - echolocation. Making sounds with your mouth and listening very subtly for the echoes, it is a very subtle sense but humans can do it and then I would reckon especially vampires or advanced occultists. There was in fact a video on YouTube corroborating my claim from a blind person I think, who developed this sense, if you would like to watch it. I presuppose it requires of course a clear and quiet mind to first of all develop this sense of echolocation, and then being particularly in tune and sensitive. But you would do better in looking up these techniques. I am quite sure he does go into depth somewhere about how he does it. Smile

You can also train yourself to be able to create a mental image of an area by sound. It takes a lot of concentration and a bit of training, but it's similar to what you speak of, just without the making noises. If you're familiar with an area and the sound of that area, if something changes, you will be able to spot it and get a rough idea of what changed. I do something similar with energy. If I'm familiar enough with a place, I can "feel" when something energetically changes, such as a person entering the area. I used to be able to "feel" when another human or animal got within about fifty feet of me, but I haven't used the skill in so long that it's rusty. It's still very difficult to sneak up on me. It seems easy for me to sneak up on others though.


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