Energy and its properties

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Energy and its properties Empty Energy and its properties

Post by Naoom 04.01.17 9:25

Energy exists in every culture.It has been known for thousands of years yet its existence has been proven scientifically through 17 different ways and probably even more yet outside my knowledge.This cosmic energy has been measured objectively and has been photographed.Orgone can be seen and exists in the space and in the atmosphere.I know that the active members of this forum have validated the existence of energy by themselves but for new members I will describe its properties.
A)It exists everywhere,it consumes all of the space B)It has freedom of mass cosmic and is primordial to her nature
C)It permeats all materials at different speeds  D)It is gathered naturally from living organisms through basic food,water and through the skin Ε)It Pulsates spontaneously expand and contract, and flows with a characteristic swirl wave  F)negative entropic G)It has a strong mutual affinity and attraction to the water
H)mutual stimulation and attraction of separate streams of orgone energy, or separate systems charged with orgone
I)Presents excitability of secondary energy (nuclear, electromagnetic, friction, electrical sparks)
Every scientific magazine starts with the lie ''ether was never measured'' so that theories like that of an empty space and the bing bang to replace it.

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