When and how to assist an awakening

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When and how to assist an awakening Empty When and how to assist an awakening

Post by Veiled One 23.07.19 15:34

To what degree is it possible or desired to help an Asetian awaken, when their own volition hasn't already led them to awakening? Note that I am not speaking of circumstances in which their being opposes awakening, but those in which they're already seeking truth in one form or another but seem to lack the appropriate catalysts, circumstances, or courage to blossom into their essence with clarity.

How do you know when an Asetian is ready to awaken? Are there specific signs to look for?

If you've partaken in such a process before, are there any particular methods you've found helpful? I realize that every individual needs something different but surely there are certain techniques that tend to produce better results than others. I realize some of you believe this is sacred or dangerous knowledge, and I ask with humble intent.
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