Seven Pillars and Three Lineages

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Seven Pillars and Three Lineages Empty Seven Pillars and Three Lineages

Post by MysticLightShinethForth on 06.08.19 8:39

Got interesting ideas for topic relating the Seven Pillars to Three Lineages. Tiet in all three; remaining six divided by three with the outcome of two pillars to, most predominant in, each of the Three Lineages respectively. Serpent: Ankh and Ba. Scarab: Ka and Khepri. Scorpion: Was and Ib. What do you think? Also there was the element of the Asetian Kabbalah, based upon this understanding, that the Tiet is in the center of the Cube as described in Book of Orion whilst these Three Lineages could take up length, height and depth dimensions respectively within the formation of the cube with the remaining pillars corresponding to those dimensions, being placed on either side of the cube, and this could go into profound elaborations. Which Lineage do you think would take which of the three dimensions of length, height and depth, if so?

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