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Post by Hound 05.09.20 15:45

Thank you for your response. There was some discussion that continued on this topic elsewhere, so I suppose it has been left in a weird state here. Regardless, I would be happy to elaborate.

ecstaticbeauty wrote:When you speak of an artificial local obfuscation, that means to me that some being has created this obfuscation (unless you have another explanation); would you say Anpu is responsible for this, or a different entity?

If Anpu was the entity in question that constructed that location, that would be the most reasonable conclusion. Though there does always remain the possibility that this is not true. There are natural sources of obfuscation in the universe, but the structure in which I am referring to has appeared artificial in every instance of contact. I don't particularly know, nor have I tried to discern, the exact nature of the local as it's never exactly been the primary focus in the occurrences.

ecstaticbeauty wrote:Your phrasing is a bit convoluted, can you please clarify? Who are the children of the world soul that you refer to?

"World soul" is phrasing for the more common concept people use: Gaia. They are interchangeable, I just prefer to use the former. Children of Gaia, or the world soul, refer to all beings that have their distinct origins from and on the world soul over the course of her history. That particular comment was to emphasize the fact that gaian beings, entities that some people think are "rudimentary" or "lower", also partake in this process of guiding the recently departed and engaging with the force of death. I don't consider them to fall into what most people refer to as "Divine" in occult circles because the connotations carried with that term are usually in reference to entities which seemingly transcend gaian origins. Or "boundaries". This particular emphasis does split one too many hairs though for the focus of the thread, which is why I didn't originally elaborate further on the subject. Hopefully this helps clarify things.

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