Vampirism or confusion? Questions.

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Vampirism or confusion? Questions. Empty Vampirism or confusion? Questions.

Post by Ravendiadem9 16.01.21 21:32

What makes a vampire? Or better asking my question maybe, what makes them the same thing beyond hybrid traits?
If one is a vampire or possibly a type of demon, or other, if basic requirements are met.

Understanding each individual has their own spiritual sense and beliefs as they delve deeper or rise higher, that I’ve seen other places call awakening. I’m unsure if that is the same here.
Does simply the need or desire for such requirements of blood, energies, or psychic energies make a vampire?
Is there other requirements? Such as understanding ones abilities to be that of such a being?
Beyond being born, I understand a way, though I have reason to believe I was born, and hidden.
Religious reasons would be my guess.

How would I know in few requirements possible, if I am a vampire?

If I may,

What of the senses, for example.
Do all have such?
I would believe not.

What does psychic need with greater scent or hearing? When they would have those that take up those roles. Or more specialized, and or as one realizes the self more.
Such as I might express of my own, experiences.

Partly I ask to know if I am a vampire, or something els. All that I’ve experienced outside of Astrology, studies, Christianity and similar, has been of vampirism, or easily explained by it. Which has been the mass of my experience tying everything.
That I would be one, as it is when I first awoke to the scope of my mind in this world, and the abilities of others.
Such as realizing the power of my ex as a witch.

I will say, I have dropped meany gifts given to me, for my love of the witch, succubi, I am unsure her nature entirely.
It’s complicated.

Much I would like to discuss, I will try to stay within reasonable boundaries.

Excuse my ignorance if found.

Thank you, also for accepting my entering your community here as long as it is.


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Vampirism or confusion? Questions. Empty Re: Vampirism or confusion? Questions.

Post by 8lou1 19.01.21 5:09

I think it might be an idea to let go of all these questions and just accept the fact that you is me, is I, is mine. When the mind gets to many labels it tends to fall apart. Be and let life come to you. Judgement you can find anywhere, be free and do.

In other words use mindfulness and selfcare to gain self acceptance.

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Vampirism or confusion? Questions. Empty Re: Vampirism or confusion? Questions.

Post by Markandeya 06.07.21 17:00

This is not a question I had considered, how one is to know what one is? A thing simply exists whether or not it knows of its existence. Existentialism is the study, but I believe the words of Rene Descartes may illuminate it best, "I think, therefore I am." 8lou1 spoke well to this end and to say that mindfulness of the self is the understanding of the self, as well as the acceptance of the self is truly what it means to exist in the first place. Am I what I am or who I am because I remember across time? Or because I exist in the state I am now? I have never needed to be convinced of my existence, I, like you, simply am and must accept it, even if I do not understand it. However, I do know what I am not, of those things, there is no doubt. So to answer your question, if there is a possibility you are not a vampire, then, quite possibly, you are not, however, if there is no doubt, then quite possibly, you are. It is not what we do, or can do, that makes us what we are, we simply are, or are not, this has never been a doubt, though for me, an often source of disdain.



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Vampirism or confusion? Questions. Empty Re: Vampirism or confusion? Questions.

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