Bast— A Passage

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Bast— A Passage Empty Bast— A Passage

Post by VedantaBlack 08.03.21 13:45

Source: The Women’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets by Barbara G. Walker


Egyptian Cat Goddess, mother of all cats, which were Egypt’s most sacred animals. Bast’s holy city Bubastis was said to possess the land’s greatest temple. Herodotus said that in Egypt “All cats that die are carried to certain sacred houses, where being first embalmed, they are buried in the city of Bubastis.” The Greeks identified Bast with Artemis or Diana, also called Mother of Cats, and claimed the Great Shrine of Bubastis was built in Her honor. The cat’s legendary nine lives stemmed from Artemis as the mother of the Nine Muses, corresponding the the Egyptian Ennead of Nine Primordial Deities.”


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