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Hether— A Passage Empty Hether— A Passage

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Source: The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets by Barbara G. Walker


   Egyptian Mother of the Gods and Queen of Heaven, originally “Het-Hert,” “The House/Womb Above”; later, “Het-Hor,” “House/Womb of Horus.” Hathor was “the mother of every God and Goddess.” She “brought forth in primeval time herself, never having been created.” In the earliest dynasties, her name was a component of all royal Egyptian names, indicating the archaic matrilineal queenship based on successive incarnations of her spirit.
   Hathor was worshipped in Israel in the 11th century BCE. at her own Holy City of Hazor, which the Old Testament claims Joshua destroyed (Joshua 11:13, 21). The Sinai tablets show that Hebrew workers in the Egyptian mines of Sinai about 1500 BCE. worshipped Hathor, whom they identified with the Lady of Byblos, Astarte.
   Some sources said there were seven Hathors: the Holy midwives associated with seven Heavenly spheres. They gave each Egyptian seven souls at birth. Sevenfold Hathor entered Medieval myth as the Fairy Godmother(s) and Mother Goose, as well as the Mother of the Sun King, the Lady of the Lake and the Huntress.
   In Upper Egypt, Hathor was Sati or Satis, She of the Two River Banks, Source of the Nile. Her destroyer aspect was a lion-headed huntress, the Sphinx, sometimes called Sekhmet or Sakhmis, “The Powerful.” Like Kali, she drank the blood of Gods and men.”


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