Neith— A Passage

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Neith— A Passage Empty Neith— A Passage

Post by VedantaBlack 04.03.21 16:50

The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets by Barbara G. Walker

One of many interesting passages


   Triple Goddess of Sais. Also called Anatha,
Ath-enna, Athene, Medusa, etc. Egyptians said her name meant “I have come from myself.” She was the World Body, the Primal Abyss from which the sun first rose, and “the Cow who Birthed Ra.” She was the Spirit Behind the Veil, whom no mortal could see face-to-face. She called herself “All that has been, that is, and that will be,” a phrase copied by the Christian Gospels (Revelations 1:Cool. She was older than dynastic Egypt. Her symbol was borne by a prehistoric clan, and her name by two queens in the first dynasty. Greeks knew her as Nete, one of the original trinity of Muses at Delphi.
   In the Bible, She was called Asenath ([Aset-Neith]), Great Goddess of the city of Aun, which the Jews rendered “On.” Her high priest Potiphar was made her “father,” as Teiresias was made the “father” of the Goddess Mante, Brahma was made the father of the Goddess Sarasvati (Genesis 41:45). The Goddess herself was made the spouse of Joseph, whose Egyptian name meant “he who was brought to life by the Word of the Goddess (Neter[et]).”


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Neith— A Passage Empty Re: Neith— A Passage

Post by 8lou1 04.03.21 19:20

thank you for this post. i never realised that father was used in this sense. actually it's way more logical then how it visualizes here. (very incesty).

i've also been surprised at my anger towards asenath mason (occult worker and writer). not sure if this is the reason, but at least this makes more sense then warring godheads in mesopetamia.

something what surprised me, was that out of a sudden the story of fairoun and the torture of his wife after the jews left egypt, turned into a story where she was married and left. i know this was not joseph in the official story, but it felt exactly like that. it really is confusing.

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