Seshat— A Passage

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Seshat— A Passage Empty Seshat— A Passage

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Source: The Women’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets by Barbara G. Walker


Egyptian Goddess of Writing, Measurements, Calculation, Record-Keeping and Hieroglyphics; “Mistress of the House of Books,” “Lady of the Builder’s Measure.” Priests of Thoth insisted that He was married to her and took over her functions, so Thoth was often credited with the invention of letters and numbers. However, in the time of Queen Hatshepsut, Thoth was not fully entrusted with the court records and bookkeeping. His figures had to be “verified by his Wife.”
   Most contemporary studies (by male scholars) ignore Seshat and list Thoth as Deity of Writing— though the earliest dynastic literature emphasizes her, not him.”


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