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Heru— A Passage Empty Heru— A Passage

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Source: The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets


   Egyptian Divine Child, or Reborn Sun; a Son-reincarnation of either Osiris or Ra, or both. Horus was depicted as a Child with a long lock of hair to one side of his head and a finger in his mouth, signifying childlike dependence. Yet he was also a warrior, avenging his “Father” or Elder-Self by castrating and killing Seth, the God of the Barren half of the year.
   Some said there was a Horus the Elder, born of Isis immediately after her own birth, for he was conceived by the coupling of Isis and her twin-brother-spouse Osiris while they were still in the womb of their mother Nut. Other myths said Horus was the world’s first born Sun, who arose from the primal mother’s Lotus-yoni at the beginning of time.
   Horus be traced to the Far East as the “Lotus-Born” Heruka, or Hero; the original Egyptian form of his name was Heru. Greek Gnostics of the philosophical age called him Harpocrates. Whatever his name, he was another variation on the usual theme of the dying-and-reborn God, father-killing-son and son-killing-father.”


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