is there any truth?

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is there any truth? Empty is there any truth?

Post by Jay Carter 16.06.21 0:22

do michele and sebastiaans writings give any legit teachings, even if theyre all stolen?
Jay Carter
Jay Carter

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is there any truth? Empty Re: is there any truth?

Post by Lightseeker 16.06.21 1:37

I personally find quite some value for beginners in the Vampyre Sanguinomicon of Father Sebastiaan, especially in the section of basic energy manipulation techniques. Michelle's Psychic Vampire Codex is in my opinion a bit more difficult to read, but basically contains similiar information.

So, to me the bottom line is: Are those writings at the same level as the Asetian Bible or similar literature? - No, certainly not.
Are Sebastiaan's and Michelle's books "worthless" because of this? - No. Especially Sebastiaan has copied from lots of other sources (not only the Asetian Bible, but also for example the Temple of Set), but those teachings are legit. Just don't go and buy fake fangs now because he recommends it Smile)

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