Astral Projection and the Dark Mark

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Astral Projection and the Dark Mark  Empty Astral Projection and the Dark Mark

Post by Lupus 13.07.23 10:51

So, yesterday night I went in my temple which is a place in the Astral and I call it that way because I go there to meditate and relax many times (it's not an actual temple). When I went there I made the dark mark and meditated with it.... It started with me feeling intense vibrations in my etheric body that hit me back to my physical as weird sensations. After a bit I tried to grab the sigil (Dark Mark) and when I reached out to grab it, the dark mark became one with my etheric body. My etheric body collapsed and my physical body, stopped breathing for a bit. It was like I was unconscious in both bodies in, a weird way. After that I started having visions or memories coming flooding back to me from ancient Egypt all the way to my current lifetime. I saw so many things.... I can't even begin to analyze it honestly... I went immediately in a Deity I work very close, Hecate. She had been helping me with figuring out what really is happening with my vampiric nature. Either way she saw my etheric body and told me "You finally accepted the mark" then she proceeded to guide me through a portal/door to a place where Aset was waiting, because according to Hecate she would help me out. I went in the portwl/door and came out in a deserted area (but the desert wasn't like sand, it was more like rock hard sand that had cracks in it). In front of me I saw a golden throne that this lady (Aset) was sitting. Before I go on I must say that there were beings there that were like guarding her. Moving on, as she saw me she smiled like she was waiting me or had joy of seeing me and she came close saying the same as Hecate "Finally you accepted the Dark Mark" and she grabbed my hand. I felt a warmth, comforting, but as soon as she touched me my etheric body without me trying to, was trying to "connect" with her or "pull" energy from her like when I do when I "feed". Again she smiled comfortingly and said that she will help me and she showed me a book that has a black cover and the Dark Mark on it, just like the AB (which keep in mind I haven't yet read it). I thanked her and I left. When I came ba k to my physical body I felt weird and it's like memories keep coming back at random moments. What are your thoughts everyone?...

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