some guidance with astral projection

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some guidance with astral projection Empty some guidance with astral projection

Post by demonwolf 07.04.13 7:32

hey everyone i ve been doing some researching about astral projection
i read the book astral dynamics by robert bruce and few web sites to gather information
if any one here need to know from basics to advanced about astral projection get the pdf
google it im not allowed to post external links yet sorry Smile

anyway i get my body relaxed and do few minutes meditation and then get the weird feeling then hear rate goes high then get some shaking vibration i used rope technique so when i try to lift my hands and go further i feel something in my arms but nothing more i cant go any further than that any help !!! ?

and i need to know can any harm come to me by astral travel ?


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some guidance with astral projection Empty Re: some guidance with astral projection

Post by Demonia 14.04.13 13:54

it is your subconscious fears that are hindering your projection. you need to be completely calm, and not have any thoughts of fear. I know this is why because i struggled with the same thing and still do at times haha. but you just can't be afraid or think anything is going to happen to you once you disconnect from your physical self. astral projection is a natural thing, like breathing, sleeping, and dreaming. there is nothing to fear. give it time and it will come Smile

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