Group meditation and astral projection?

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Group meditation and astral projection? Empty Group meditation and astral projection?

Post by Naverya 26.06.10 10:17

Recently,I've heard about something intriguing:group meditation.The problem is,there's not enough information available about it.

I'd like to know how it's done.From what I got,more people gather in one place and mediate all at the same time.Okay,I got that part.But how,exactly?Do they all need to focus on a certain subject?

The same thing goes for astral projection.Is there even such thing as group astral projection?Can you group meditate in the astral?

What are their benefits compared to solo mediation/astral projection?

Also,can they be done only if the people in the group are near each other?Can't it be done,over,say,YM?

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Group meditation and astral projection? Empty Re: Group meditation and astral projection?

Post by Aghrab 30.06.10 23:06

I don't recommend group meditation, for several reasons. You will be in a room full of people's energies roaming around, which for anyone, is a bit too overwhelming and not "clean". You don't want so many energies getting mixed in your system. The whole point of meditation is to relax and somewhat cleanse yourself, not mix unknown energies into your system.

Also, group meditations do not offer you anything worth staining your system for. Meditation is not something that can be taught. Meditation is done differently for everyone. One way does not work for all. Classes that claim to teach meditation just exist for the money.

I also don't understand how group astral projection would be any more effective than doing it alone, considering that to astral project you would need absolute concentration, which you will not have, when you are with a group of people.

In the end, in my opinion, there is no benefit to group meditation or group astral projection. Of course, unless you are doing this in a ritual form with some individuals which you alone have chosen to perform these acts with. I suggest you to try and find you own comfort-zone concerning meditation. Once you have mastered meditation, you can then move onto the more advanced metaphysical work such as astral projection. Meditation must be mastered before any higher level of metaphysical work, since those include a huge amount of concentration.

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