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Info from searching for real vampires Empty Info from searching for real vampires

Post by Redsky456 12.12.23 3:49

The search for something real.
Hello people, because I'm a weirdo I'd like to just post this little rant and put it on here for whatever reason.
When I was in my early teens I had a spurt of fascination with vampires and was convinced that I was one. At the time i felt like i was being followed or watched. I thought it was an episode of psychosis until about ten years later when it came back again this time with visits from the spirit Lilith who appeared before me and gave me no doubt that spirits were real and could manipulate reality around us. She threw me on a few adventures and I somehow survived. She taught me energy vampirism. I had some very strange coincidences around this time, I heard rumors through the grape vine of truly undead vampires and had some strange experiences that I felt could have been proof but that I now attribute to a nasty sorcerer party out for power. Still, the stories seemed to keep popping up. I talked with a well known author who had been in scene for a while and he told the story that he knew of people who had spoken about a real vampire in his city almost 30 years ago. Apparently there was a very active vampire cult in his city around that time. Then I start doing some research. I had remembered hearing about tantra making the dead walk in books like *Magick and mystery in tibet*. I talked with occultism who said things like from truly undead vampires could be made through sorcery. That they are human sports that are killed and reattached to their own body through sorcery and that afterwards they needed the life energy from blood to survive. I figure that if vampirism is a current of energy then if one were to fully submerge a human soul within it and then reattach it to a body it may be possible. I was also told about other variations where the souls of humans are attached to the bodies of other people and that these beings usually needed human flesh to stay attached. Yet another sorcerer spoke of an undead creature from Tibetan lore that was pretty much a zombie. I've forgotten what they are called but they were physical reanimated corpses that would walk around. They would stand very rigid and upright and could not bend. These creatures were believed to exist to such an extent that local villages would build their houses with doorframes that were fairly low to the ground so that the creatures would not be able to enter since they were very stiff and upright. I must admit I'll probably always have a bit if an interest and fascination with the idea of something like a real vampire. I thought I would post this little thing here for anyone who may be interested. If anyone has any stories they would be willing to share on the subject of real vampires I'd be interested to hear.
Thank you


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