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Post by Corvin35801 16.04.24 6:48

While lesser magic is an integral part of being a vampire simply practicing it doesn't make you a vampire.
Us real Vampires MUST use lesser magic on a daily basis to fit in because we are energy sensitive. It is necessary for our survival.
These fake roleplayers have no idea what it's like to feel *everything* around them 24/7 like your high which is beautiful until you notice all the negativity and narcissism from people and the world.
To have to conform to thus sick place and cast so many spells on yourself and shape-shifting that you forget who you were to begin with
As far as I know you can't become a vampire I was born this way at least as far as I can remember.
It's really a slap in the face to see these neurotypical roleplayers are now saying they want to be everything they hate me for.
I feel sick guys. Actually sick.


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