One Piece of Advice that will Save you a World of Trouble:

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One Piece of Advice that will Save you a World of Trouble: Empty One Piece of Advice that will Save you a World of Trouble:

Post by Tehom 16.01.24 11:57

People function at different levels of comprehension. It's important to understand this, because if you go into the World expecting everyone to listen and understand you, you're going to get deeply frustrated running into endless series of interpersonal problems. There are different systemic paradigms that have been created to outline these levels of comprehension for us, and while I'm quite new to the idea of using them to gauge my reality, I must say their necessity is quite accurate.

A person can be very studied in the Occult Gnosis and educated but that does not mean they are going to understand or comprehend anything that you do, necessarily. That depends on their overall lack of comprehension of reality dynamics. You will meet people who claim to be High Wizard This or Initiated Witch of that Coven and so on but you may find them stubbornly ignorant in ways they seem to understand just about as well as anyone else you criticise does. This can leave you very confused without knowing this one baseline.

It's basic knowledge we actually often forget or misplace during our road of taking things on and letting others go to make room, and those facts will just always remain the same. So if you want growth with the people in your life you have to admit your faults and come to terms with their own in a realistic way that doesn't bow to any ego delusion. You have to speak your Heart and not just your mind to truly succeed with other Beings. If they're ultimately unwilling to do that then just move on. Always respect what you've earned because that is an expression of Love.

Just my contribution and hope it helps someone out there that needs it.

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