A query about the root shen

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A query about the root shen Empty A query about the root shen

Post by Talibah 08.06.09 2:47

Looking at the Shen centres map on p.277 of the Asetian Bible, I found myself wondering about something and would appreciate some clarification on it.

The root Shen is represented by the Was symbol, which is also representative of Seth.
Given that Seth was an enemy of the Asetians, I find it curious that his symbol shares a place within the Sacred Pillars and the Shen system.

Of course, taking into account Duality, I dont find it completely strange. The functions of the Root Shen are strength, survival and instinct, which I suppose Seth would have had in order to accumulate such a following which endures until today. And the negative effects of an unbalanced Root Shen are violence, anger, tension and self-centeredness - which would apply to Seth, and Sethians in general also.

Is this something intentional on the ancients' behalf (be it Asetian or later Egyptians) - recognisisng both the negative and positive aspects of something and attributing status to it as a guide of some sorts?
Or is it something else?
Or nothing at all?

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A query about the root shen Empty Re: A query about the root shen

Post by Victor 08.06.09 14:16

That is a relevant question. However, the Was is not a symbol, or sigil, owned by Seth and the Sethians, you can find it in the hands of most of the major Gods. The Was is not only represented in one of the Shen centers, but it is also one of the 7 Sacred Pillars in Asetianism, as you can see in the Asetian Bible. Based on this, we can see that the Was is one of the 7 key frameworks of the Universe, and one that was exploited by the Sethians in their quest for power and control. Every being moves across the 7 frameworks along their lives, having more control over some and not as much over others... however, the Sethians seek for the mastery over the Was framework, and to control that Sacred Pillar they have built their empire and religious campaign in this physical world by the means of the monotheistic seeds, religions like Christianity and Islam that are just frontends for their manipulative control and power. Because of this, we see Sethians and ROS highly connected with the Was, but does not mean they have exclusive control over this Pillar, since the Aset Ka itself also has power over the Was framework in the Universe, and is slowly regaining its older control, who knows with what intent in mind...

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