Company in the Astral?

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Company in the Astral? Empty Company in the Astral?

Post by Daniel09 26.10.09 19:26

As I was drifting into sleep last night, I kept myself half-conscious and let myself move into the astral as I could. I directed myself to a temple I knew of, and made a note to not focus on the hieroglyphs, because the last time I had gone the glyphs had captured me in a trance, unable to stop gazing at them until I left the astral. As I went through the hall, I jumped a bit because I found something following me, turning out to be a large cat. I recognized him as a friend and he told me he was with me because I needed to have protection where I was. I decided not to argue, as he made it clear that he had protections much greater than the shield I had. I proceed to enter a kind of prayer room where I lit an incense to a few of the Gods, I can't recall specific names because I was thinking with feeling at that point.

Soon after, I left. I entered sleep then too, because I have lost my memory of just after leaving the place.

So I was curious if this kind of company is common? I did not encounter other entities, but I could "sense" that they were there, if that makes sense.

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Company in the Astral? Empty Re: Company in the Astral?

Post by Maxx 06.05.12 13:53


I am working on the road for a couple of months and my son is taking care of my dog and cat.

He has called me daily with a report that the dog, Jack Daniels, has awakened him from a sleep as he jumps off the bed each night. My son watched him as he went through the door and out into the hallway. At this point, he realizes he is in the astral, gets up, and follows the dog out into the hallway. It has happened nightly for a week and now, Jack Daniels, stops at the doorway each time and looks back at my son, transferring the thought mentally, "Are you coming or not?". My son says the dog now realizes that he is the leader on these nightly trips and expects my son to go with him.

I have traveled with my dog on several occasions and others have seen us together in the astral.

My cat is another strange story. I found him as a kitten in the middle of a snow storm on an Indian Revervation in the middle of no place. No houses, No way a small kitten could survive or even be there to begin with. He jumped out of tall reeds and just looked at Jack Daniels and yelled. I could not leave him there as I knew he would die, so Jack and I took him home. He is the first cat I have ever had. Something was more than strange in the manner I got him.

I have seen him astrally sitting on a ledge waiting on me to get out of my body and he looks at me and transfers thoughts saying he is there to protect me and we will travel together. This has happened several times.

I have never had both the dog and cat go with me at the same time. I find that rather strange in itself.

I believe the records show that the Egyptians held cats in high regard as they were guardians of many things. I have also seen a strange looking breed of dog that they said was bred by the early Egyptians. I suspect there was also somewhat of a connection to both this breed of cat and this breed of dog. I am finding there was more to the education in astral travel in the lives of the educated priesthood than I first suspected. It appears it was in primary use.



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