What is Asetianism to you?

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What is Asetianism to you? - Page 2 Empty Re: What is Asetianism to you?

Post by adrenochrome_rush 04.09.22 19:22

Selene Skotia wrote:That is not a very respectful and noble way to address what is one of the oldest and most prominent occult traditions of our world. Without Asetianism much of the magick people study in our days in covens and orders, from traditional witchcraft to advanced metaphysical sciences would very likely not exist at all, or at the very least remain precarious and underdeveloped without the silent influence of the Asetians throughout history and within an umbrella of various cultures.

Selene, I did not mean to offend you in any way. I sincerely apologize. Not my intention, and it is an honor to even converse with people who have so much magic knowledge. That is why I am on here. It’s so easy to misunderstand intent online. If you could see my in person you would know I have only love for you I love you‍🩹

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What is Asetianism to you? - Page 2 Empty Re: What is Asetianism to you?

Post by 8lou1 09.09.22 5:14

ahh finally the topic that went so totally out of proportions in my world if you believe the interconnections. if i had to believe mr viktor, he had fun putting me in hell, sad part is i fucking had to get luis marques to help me with those mistakes. so lets put my home in it this time ok, as that already was the case any ways just like that stupid pool and the fucking military connections and the royal lines.

right now i have 2 options and i dont care either way. 1 is i got an invite to a secret occult order. did that found fucking initiation tools of the ros online that trace back to aquino while at the same time i have aset ordering luis marques to put my powers back as he went totally in the wrong several times now here and im fucking done. then i come here researching on this site and find a mess at the door that makes you think you are an asetian and what do we know the fucking bitch finally dies and im brought up from the death as a viperine.

the only problem i had with the pool thingy is that i dont like it when i get energetically touched between my legs to say it nicely, especially when im working on making sure we keep the bodily freedoms we have.

tavistock is down finally, but what the heck you guys never learned the world is round???? everything always comes down no matter what.

the other option is its all a game we have fun nothing happened and its just larping. i know its not, i know im the center, and it doesnt do shit other then people nagging. so i set up something fun to watch and feel. i party on the queens death for the first time in my life im free, as i remembered the queste was do it without conspiracy, the queste stayed the same and the truth is still the truth: there is no conspiracy, we won.

thanks jay, love jah Wink

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