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Post by Maxx 20.11.14 15:48

Since I go back and watch this series over and over again every several months, I have learned to see and understand different things in different ways than the first viewing.  I believe a seeker will be given other sources to couple with this video series if they are serious about having knowledge open up to them. Combinations of words along with visuals have changed meanings for me and I am seeing things I never saw before with even the symbolism.  What is said I am understanding in a different way and it has new meaning for me.

Another book I am studying is a mathematical book which has opened the way I see things around me by allowing me to understand how mathematics works in the different dimensions we experience.  All the material I have combined together in this study is changing the way I view the worldly surroundings.  I am seeing that magic is the norm for universal laws when one has eyes to see it.

I recall a wise man's statement that "learning is nothing but remembering".  He was speaking of the experience of learning we possess and carry forward with us through the many lifetimes we face.  Egypt seems to be the actual modern location of our real knowledge of today...  and it existed much earlier than the era of monuments left for our viewing and understanding today.  It is remarkable.

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Post by Kalb 21.11.14 17:56

Great serie. I advise everyone.

About your statement, I believe that this related with Kabbalah and the time of natural cycle of life. Love, live, cry, smile, suffer, are all things that we forgot, but we got back to relive those emotions with a new reincarnation. I think all this symbolism is related to our own essence and not exactly with what we learned with the modern technologies and science.

To forget all you have learned and learn all you have forgotten. Asetian Manifesto

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