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Eternal Silence - Poem Empty Eternal Silence - Poem

Post by Lynskha 16.11.17 13:02

Eternal Silence

It is there, shouting, but so quiet
Can you feel it in your deepest desire?
It is a thunder that no one can hear
But we all feel, is that enough to cause fear?
The energy is just shaking the ground
So where are the mysteries that need to be found?
Dig, dear seeker, dig deep
There is no secret, there, you can keep
Go on, close your eyes, you must know
Only in the dark, the wisdom can glow
It will explode like a melody, once gone
Keep in mind that, everything will be done
You will find, you will lose, you will miss
Don’t hesitate when you face then, the abyss.
You will see the Immortal Essence there portrayed
As the Eternal Silent song is finally played.

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Eternal Silence - Poem Empty Re: Eternal Silence - Poem

Post by Nightvein 14.02.18 1:20

Love it! Gorgeous!

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