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A. S.acred E.ndless T.ime - Poem Empty A. S.acred E.ndless T.ime - Poem

Post by Lynskha 24.11.17 15:41

Let Her wings carry me Home
Where my True Self Is
Where my heart really belongs...

Let me be in the flames, death and rebirth
Be Her Child, be blessed and be cursed
and from nothing , all I should be.

Oh Great Energy that is all around me
Golden Serpent that awakens so strong
Embrace me, like me and You are One.

Sacred Source, Universe in move
Silent is my heart as I listen to You
On the ground, I become just the sky

As the night falls, so bright are the stars
grains of sand, that now I became
star dust, in a peaceful way

Home, is above, I shall be
where the seven manifest
and we become three

Let Her eyes be placed upon me
and We become one more time One
As I mirror the same love for Thee

(I wrote this in a moment of inspiration, I felt like sharing here, I hope it is ok)

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A. S.acred E.ndless T.ime - Poem Empty Re: A. S.acred E.ndless T.ime - Poem

Post by A.Nightside 26.11.17 10:56


I enjoyed reading this.
It's not someone else's wings that will carry me home though. If possible, it will be my own. Still, I don't think I can return "home". So home will be what I create here, in this life, as long as I am capable.

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