What Are Potential Otherkin Traditions?

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What Are Potential Otherkin Traditions?  Empty What Are Potential Otherkin Traditions?

Post by MysticLightShinethForth 17.05.22 10:53

The original Asetian Bible mentions about Otherkin, on its chapter, on page 99: "They are very diverse, each with their own characteristics and following different traditions, under a myriad of beliefs."

My inquiry is simply what those traditions might be. The chapter mentions otherkin "...ranging from other vampiric beings, to Anubian keepers, Sethians, Lycanthropic beasts, Draconian creatures, disembodied spirits, shades and daemons, among many others."

Some believe that the Draconians, while the Otherkin chapter being removed from the updated version of the AB in the Violet Throne grimoire and another chapter therein added titled "Dragon Heart", would be just a kind of apparent facade for the Asetians themselves. I don't know myself and I cannot judge.

However, apart from the obvious, Asetians and their renowned Keepers, the Anubians, following the Violet Path of Aset, or Asetianism, and the Sethians studying Asetianism but in a twisted and distorted form as Sethianism, supposedly, drawing from the original teachings of Aset under a different bent, as at least many seem to believe or indicate, what could be the traditions of other otherkin than these, if we assume Draconians are an otherkin race of their own for example? And Lycanthropic beasts? And the apparent daemons, if they even incarnate at all? Or the other unnamed vampiric beings?

For one, and this is all I can think of, Lycanthropic beasts might be far more heavily predisposed to following a certain shaman(ist)ic path of the Wolf.

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