Any subtle changes after reading the Asetian Bible?

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Any subtle changes after reading the Asetian Bible? - Page 3 Empty Re: Any subtle changes after reading the Asetian Bible?

Post by N.Augusta 14.04.13 7:25

Very good words of advice, Kalb, and as you said, they do apply to everything. Take even relationships, if we have super high expectations with a relationship and with another person, we will be disappointed.

8lou1, my question to you is thins.... So, someone told you that they think you are a "vampire" and because of this you seem to have invested a lot of time and energy into their words that. Why? This tells me that you are seeking to find truth to their words, and yet the whole thing, thought brought you this far, is driving you crazy at times, according to your own words. Why allow to have someones words have such a high affect on you?

While studying this path, of course you can also study other paths at the same time. If you read the books that the Asetians have shared with us, then you will know that they encourage learning from various sources and not to limit your web of knowledge to just one area, they encourage us to explore. If they didn't then that would be concerning!!!! And path that encourages one to not expand their knowledge from where ever one so chooses to, is a path one should best avoid.

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Any subtle changes after reading the Asetian Bible? - Page 3 Empty Re: Any subtle changes after reading the Asetian Bible?

Post by 8lou1 14.04.13 7:52

someone once said to me, lou you walk backwards... and actually that makes a lot of sense. i studied so many roads that i lost track of me... when i finally had me back in sight so to speak i got a label that felt so wrong and so right at the same time.: vampire.
so i had to stop and take a timeout... remembering what is me and what is not, remembering what is inside and what outside. thats when i came here. i was very confused about everything. the only thing i knew was that i didnt understand 'it' anymore and that this forum seems to know something about the 2 biggest questionmarks in my head, wich caused the error...: asetianism and vampires

and still when i read things here i recognize them, because ive experienced a lot of them. i would love it if one day these experiences make some sense..

so to me asetianism gives me tools to place those experiences and paths and it fits, wich is the scarriest thing of is this possible i wonder everytime...

as kalb said its hard to become a follower again, especially if you followed the wrong ones before...i really dont like to repeat that path so i check, check and triple check before every move i make. looking around, feeling were i am. do i still feel the same surrounding, is it time to move a foot and take a step?is it safe? and every now and then when i feel secure enough i take one...


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